As TechHub Manchester closes, say hello to SpaceportX (@SpaceportX , – open now

Hello world! Wow! We have received questions from cities across the UK, Europe and beyond about what happened at TechHub Manchester last week. Yes, it has now officially closed.

Before anything else, my team and I wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the glorious support we have received regarding our next steps. We take this level of trust and responsibility very seriously as we continue to help cultivate a tech community that can push towards Manchester becoming a top 5 European startup destination.

The team and I am very happy and proud to announce the city’s new home for technology businesses, SpaceportX!

We will continue to operate from the same offices, with the same co-founding team and we will continue to support the community experience we have gained over the past two years.

You can follow us on Twitter, where we’re @SpaceportX, for updates. Our website ( is currently in its infancy & being iterated upon but will soon include an FAQ regarding TechHub Manchester closing.

SpaceportX’s mission will be incredibly open and clear, but you can probably guess what we’re focusing towards, ☺ you guessed it! Pushing Manchester towards becoming a top 5 European startup destination. We will break down our thoughts on how this is achieved, and what we have been working on to achieve it, soon.

It’s really important for us that our approach will be about helping as many people as we possibly can along the way. We will continue our efforts across the city and we’re looking forward to implementing some ideas that didn’t fit under the TechHub brand and bringing in some new ideas to sustain the activities we are supporting.

Manchester, we’re humbled… We’re also ready to celebrate…. ☺ It would be our pleasure to see you at our first official SpaceportX event-

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